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Advanced English

Welcome To English For Advanced And Proficiency Level Learners

English is genrally considered to be relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master. That is to say, like chess, it is an easy beginner’s language which gradually unfolds into layers of rhetorical nuances which can prove a handful to the non-native speaker.

At English Station we have been meaning to have you on board our erudite adventure that will take you through the variegated past of the English language. From the Romans through the Angels and Saxons, and Jutes; from the Nordic Vikings and Normans to the French and Greek, the English language has made the most of its parts and pasts.

That is what explains its broad cultural substratum and extensive vocabulary. But it also poses an intricate challenge at the level of register, tense usage, phrasal verbs, idioms, and understaterments.

We intend to provide you with a road map to help chaperon you across the lush and scintillating English cultural landscape. Our cultural expert will get you acquainted with the zeitgiest of the various eras, as well as drawing your attention to the life works of the movers and shakers of each historic epoch. These distinguished personalities will be classified according to their different genres and eras of mediation. Shakespeare, for instance, was a Renaissance poet and dramatist of great stature.

Lastly, English is quite pertinent to modern technology (ICT), or its users: journalists, the printing press, TV, the mobile phone, business people, bloggers, tweeters, international football coachers, and millions of other people like you and me across the globe. Come to English Station: It’s good to talk!

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