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Anglo-American Law: Historicity I Structure I Substance

Often, my lectures are predicated on showing how the principle of binding precedence is helped by the strict adherence to court hierarchy in the case of Her Majesty’s system of England and Wales, and the overwhelming influence of the US Constitution as an essential document for the codification of American law.

In corporate jurisprudence I depart from the premise that the common law is an acrostic by which the written laws of a significant number of countries can be communicated and enforced.
These countries include the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In fact, the common law, apart from English, also forms the basis of many commonwealth countries such as India and Pakistan, although to some extent most of these countries operate a mixed system.
I usually approach the law from two broad perspectives: national and international.
By national law I explain the means by which countries govern the relationship between the state and its subjects (criminal law) and between the subjects themselves (civil law)
By international law I tend to look at the means by which international relations between countries (public international law) and between individuals and organizations operating from different countries (private international law) are governed.

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